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Actively use your brain while watching and listening to Coursera, edX, podcasts, lectures, talks, audiobooks or any other demanding content. Other players are designed around the key idea that you are a passive listener or viewer, as if you where in a cinema but learning requires more from you and AudioMark tries to fill your learning needs:

  • Plays the world's best courses from the free site and with download, play-list and in addition zoom/pan, speed, quiz and subtitles (export, font, language) which are not available when using Safari on iPhone
  • Take notes and use as subtitles, timed-bookmarks, email/share and store on Evernote with screen capture
  • History of what/when you played and every pause/play made, ideal for jumpy people
  • Plays podcasts, audiobooks or any media on Podcasts, Music, iTunes U, Videos Apps or your personal media on Camera Roll, Dropbox or Box cloud storage
  • Shows chapters with artwork with fine control over time in chapter (e.g. Economist or Audible)
  • Full screen with zoom/pan, background-play, double-tap or shake to pause/play/rewind, speed and configurable forward/backward jumps, sleep timer
  • YouTube lectures/podcasts/hangouts (e.g. Weekly Space Hangout, Virtual Star Party, tech talks, ...) (no download)
  • AudioMark is constantly being refined by requests made by its many users
  • Try the App for free or take a detailed walkthrough of the App to see all its many features.

Available on the App Store

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