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A better player for courses, podcasts, lectures, talks, audiobooks, research, translation
The App is constantly being refined by requests coming from its many users

  • Coursera, podcasts or audiobooks, lectures, talks, recordings on Music, iTunes U, Videos Apps or on YouTube
  • Coursera: video quiz (with off option), subtitles (export, font, select preferred language or use your notes), download (manual selection/deletion, limit to WiFi), order play-list, background play, full-screen (zoom/pan)
  • Speed-control and background-play for all media
  • Take notes while watching/listening and marking the time of each bookmark. Share notes and store on Evernote with screen capture
  • History of what you played and every pause/play
  • Take a detailed walkthrough of the App to see all its many features.

Available on the App Store

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